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Can You Share Your Amazon Cart? Yes, You Can!

It's normal to ask "Can you share your Amazon cart?" — the answer is yes! The AMZ Cart Share Chrome extension makes it easy to share a cartful of Amazon items with anyone.

Our Chrome extension is completely free, and makes it easy to co-ordinate purchases for a group gift, select office supplies for your team, or simply share your latest finds with friends. Being able to share your Amazon cart is super handy and flexible. Get started by installing our Chrome Extension ↓

Share your Amazon cart in 1 click

Clicking this button will redirect you to the Chrome Web Store, where you can install the AMZ Cart Share Chrome extension.

Why Share Your Amazon Cart?

Here's just a tiny handful of situations where sharing your Amazon cart becomes really handy:

How It Works

Sharing your Amazon cart with AMZ Cart share is easy; There's just 3 steps to get started:

  1. Install the AMZ Cart Share Chrome Extension: First, add the extension to your Chrome browser from the Chrome web store. It's free and takes just moments to install. Use this link to download our Chrome extension.

  2. Generate Your Shareable Cart Link: Navigate to your Amazon shopping cart, click on the AMZ Cart Share extension icon, and generate a link that encapsulates all the items in your cart, complete with the correct quantities and details.

  3. Share Your Cart: Once your link is ready, share it with anyone. They can then add your cart items to their own Amazon cart in a seamless process, ensuring everyone gets exactly what they need.

FAQ: All Your Questions Answered

Can I update a shared cart link?

No, each link represents your cart at the time of creation. If your cart changes, you'll need to generate a new link. Just visit your Amazon cart page again, and use our extension to create a new link to share.

Who can I share my cart with?

Anyone! Once you have your cart link, it can be sent to friends, family, coworkers, or anyone else who might need to view or purchase items from your Amazon cart.

Can I embed cart links on my blog or website?

Yes, these links can be safely embedded, offering a convenient way to share your favorite products or recommendations.

If you've got more questions, you can read the full FAQs on our homepage — Share your Amazon cart with AMZ Cart Share (FAQ).


Sharing your Amazon cart is not just possible; it's easy, efficient, and opens up new ways to collaborate on purchases.

AMZ Cart Share is a simple solution to share your Amazon shopping cart with a single click. Ready to start sharing your Amazon cart? Install the AMZ Cart Share Chrome extension today and start sharing.